c. +2783 558 6594


t. @quietriotgirl


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hey
    we’re friends on modelbase but im contacting you here after looking at ur stunning a graphic artist and am now studying make up and trying to try out being creative in another make up and clothes.always been a little obsessed with both.if you ever need an assistant please give me a shout.really trying to be proactive about improving my skills and also getting a portfolio together.any experience would be greatly appreciated.give me a shout on a small art blog going but still working on getting some make up pics.the ones i have currently are a bit stiff and loking to work with more creative types like yourself. blog site is
    thanks chica

  2. Hey Nicci

    Thanks for the offer and the kind words! I will definitely be in touch. Let me know how the make up coarse goes and maybe we work together sooner rather than later. Always looking for people who want to do something creative and out of the box…

    will be in touch,
    drop me a mail if you can so I have your email addy.
    thanks again


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