As a freelance online marketing and social media manager with a background in PR, copy writing and marketing I work for a few clients whose projects, services and products are close to my heart.

Adi Badenhorst makes complicated yet drinkable wines the traditional way in the Paardeberg outside of my home town of Malmesbury. Keep an eye on AA Badenhorst’s feel good blog (everything from fun pictures of life on the farm to updates on new vintages and awards or nice things people say about Adi and his products) or follow us on twitter.

The Swartland Revolution, a bunch of renegade winemakers shaking things up in the Swartland. The revolution is a annual event that over delivers every year with fantastic wines (from all over the world) great  food (locally sourced) and lots of Swartland gees. Have a look at the site or follow us on twitter.

De Liefde, my cousin Cornelia and her friend Judy organise, style and conceptualise amazing events from baby showers to birthday parties and weddings. The result is something fresh and different every time and always beautiful.

Prince Albert Olives, great olive oil and products from the great Karoo. Along with two partners in brand development we are looking to take olive oil to places it had never dreamed of going before.

Cafe Dijon is a French style bistro with local Cape flair in the heart of Greenpoint. While proprietor Sarah writes all the copy and Dup takes the pictures, I manage the blog and site for them.

I also do volunteer work on interesting events and projects – in 2013 I went to Spain where we built junk rafts and cruised down the Rio Ebro; I’m the Logistics Coordinator for AfrikaBurn’s Department of Public Works (we build Tankwa Town on booze and bacon) and I am the (ex) Production Lead for Nowhere, the European Burn that takes place in Spain.

Here’s to keeping it diverse…


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