with a spring in my step…

Today is (kind of) the first day of spring. Well, it is the first day of September and we like to be optimistic and call it spring. Let’s go, let’s get winter behind us… Happy spring day.

hello spring

In school its significance was the chance to dress in ‘normal clothes’ or civvies, short for ‘civilian clothes’ (I guess)… These days people Instagram lots of pictures of flowers, companies try to sell you something by cleverly connecting their product to #springday and friends devote their Facebook statuses to talks about the weather and what an amazing place we live in.

Spring brings hope, new pages, a light at the end of the tunnel (summer? Holidays? Christmas? The end of another year?) and the illusion that just because the sun is out, or on its way back, everything is hunky dory. It is easier to be positive and happy when the sun shines, when you are tanned golden brown and eating watermelon on the beach. It sets a great mood full of positive energy and we need to use that to our best advantage. (more on that later, maybe)

I was scared of winter, I dreaded it. I ran away from it. For two years I left just after the first hectic cold-rain-all-week winter weather arrived and returned late in September (spring! Duh). This year I stayed. I promised myself I would endure and enjoy the colder, darker and damper side of Cape Town and that I will try to learn a few things about myself at the same time.

Yesterday the sun set spectacularly on this much dreaded and debated season of my life. 


What had happened during this winter of 2014 in my beloved Cape Town?

Well, for one, I finally decided and started to seriously contemplate and plan towards a move out of this town… Thoughts and considerations about moving out of the city and into the country (that I have mulled over since my return from Europe in 2012) became a reality; finally I felt that the time was right.

With big changes and decisions come big questions (from everywhere – everyone from that voice in your head to your best friend to the stranger at the other side of the bar suddenly asks questions) and lots of contemplation. Are you sure this is the right move, it is rather bold? Are you sure you (who gets bored SO easily) will not feel trapped, stagnated out there? What if you get lonely. Are you not old before your time… What if you become ‘the strange tattooed lady with the chickens and veggie patch that lives all alone in the middle of nowhere’??

Every time a big question pops up (from where ever) you go through some degree of doubt, fear, stress… I can only hope that the fact that I have less and less doubt the more I answer, the more I contemplate, try to make sense and verbalise my reasons, means that this is a big bold move in the right direction. That I am sure. That only boring people get bored. That I am moving because I want some peace and quiet, less distractions, more time with my head, my thoughts, myself. That I have tons of friends I want to invite out there and who are eager to visit, so when I get lonely I will take a few bookings. Besides, I see the country side as a cheap, sustainable place to base myself in order to go on many adventures, a place from where I can travel the world and work on all the crazy projects in my head. I am an old soul… I am strange and tattooed and a little mystery never killed no one!

I am currently reading ‘Half asleep in frog pyjamas’ by Tom Robbins and some of the key themes in the book are set around The Star tarot card. Reading about tarot cards made me want to get my cards read… So I went to see a lady names Diana who claims to be a channel or a medium for connecting with Spirit. The card that she turned around ‘for me’ was The Star. It refers to ‘the calm after the storm’, to hope, optimism, good will, faith, inspiration, trusting and good things to come… It represents a breakthrough, a new opportunity to rise to a higher consciousness or clarity.

The jury is still out on how I feel about psychics, Spirits and the power of a pack of playing cards, but hey, I will take that as another sign pointing in the right direction and go boldly into this new season of my life.

Happy spring day!


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