Do one thing…

Last year while preparing for our Junk Armada trip in Spain a friend back in South Africa put me in contact with Braam Malherbe and I became aware of his Do One Thing campaign. The idea is simple – do one thing every day to help save (or make better) our planet.

What an easy, powerful concept. I really do try every day and today I started a new habit…

We had just returned from our 48 days in the Karoo (where we carry everything we need attached to tool-belts, including cups and lighters on strings – so no one can steal it) when my friend Mike went to go get us take away coffees and asked me what cup he could use for me. At first I thought this was a little odd, but soon realised it is pure genius. Why take a paper cup with plastic lid that you are going to use for about 15 minutes before you throw it away..?

So today I took my pirate cup with me to get coffee for the first time, it did feel a bit silly asking them to make my flat white in my enamel cup (with re-usable cable tie attached – best invention ever!) but soon I felt quite smug that I was being so environmentally friendly.

do one thing

so, do one thing for our lovely home every day, however small or stupid it might seem.

Little by little…

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