To Tankwa and Beyond.

two weeks from now we will be sitting around a fire in first camp.

Roger, our serious Crew Boss, will be (very obviously) hinting that we should go to bed soon since “tomorrow the real work starts”.

But we will just want to bask in the glory of the Tankwa. I for one will be happy that most things (and people) from my spreadsheets will be there somewhere, somehow, and ready to be become Tankwa Town…

I am excited for sunrise and sunset, for freedom and fires, friends and family… I can not wait to pitch my new tent, put my wallet away, forget about my car (and its chained in battery) and to not look at my bloody phone’s flickering orange light…

I am so ready I can taste the crisp Karoo air…

But, before then (and until then) it is trucks, trailers, tractors, tractor trailers, wood, water, pallets, power tools, generators, fuel, fuel barrels, safety gear, insurance, safety training, food, beer, packing, packing, packing, sawdust, cranes, containers, slapse, EM, toilet paper, buckets and well, a few bits and bobs.

Not stressing, just realising that that “cramming period” I have been postponing for, is now in fact here…

14 slaapies is min dae…

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