And now for something completely different…

On a very much side note – Justin Bieber got a Banksy piece tattooed on his arm and this is now a controversy.

Somehow this story ended up on my Facebook timeline (I assume two or more of my friends [liked] it and that means I should like to see it too…)

This one I did find interesting though, since I too have a Bansky (I believe) piece on my leg – done by my talented friend Rico from Wildfire Tattoos. He framed it in a beautiful wreath of his specific style of roses. I have, through carrying this piece of public art around with me, far from the wall in New Orleans where it was painted, educated a lot of people on one of my favourite social commentators.

I guess I never thought of it as anything else but honoring the artist with a lifetime dedication. I never assumed it could be a modern day form of plagiarism.

Is it?

Banksy’s work is already all sorts of controversy. A famous, unknown, ‘graffiti artist’ whose defacing of property has created a new tourism economy. Someone who has turned the streets into art galleries, and with it delivered powerful commentary on the location, time, status quo, system, state, society…

Cities now go to great lengths to protect his work and it is frowned upon to tag, alter or god forbid, graffiti it…

Banksy’s website, says in its google blurb, at number four on a results page when searching ‘Banksy’, 

‘This British street artist with an international reputation shows and explains some of his best work.’

A visit to the page reveals nothing but a white screen and I could blame my unreliable internet but I believe it might be yet another medium for unorthodox artwork by ‘the artist’.

Other online media is crowd sourced and some of the pictures to me look like they might be by imitation artists, while people seem to freely tag and claim a lot of different styles to a name. See this tumblr page as an example of what I mean.

Are these all by this mysterious Banksy. Is he just one person. Is this real life?

Who knows anything for sure anyway right.

It is what you take from it. I love the mystery and the image speaks a powerful message to me. All I do know is I wear it proud and will do so till the end of my days.

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