be bold and work wonders…


Saturday morning was my friend Suzanne’s baby shower. I have known her since we were 5 year olds playing in the gardens and streets of our little home town. I am super excited for her (even though I am NOT yet ready to have kids…). To show I am no young mother to be, I made a collage for the kid’s room and wrote her a letter for when she turns 21…



Mom-to-be and aunt-to-be

DSC01167 DSC01177

these girls have all been in my life for over 20 years!!DSC01183 DSC01197 DSC01199

After drinking tea like a fucking lady (see above) I rushed back from Paarl to get to the AfrikaBurn picnic – Park Off – where my DPW crew had long since been putting up tents and signs.

DSC01231 DSC01237My little brother, what a legend.

DSC01240Sunday night we made samoosas… Happy white girl.


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