all over the show

Last week in my life was a tad hectic.

AfrikaBurn / DPW meetings are taking over almost every night of my life… as of today I am full time employed by the Org as we start sprinting towards the event. The clan burns in 60 days! and we leave for the karoo in 35!! *insert hysterical laughter here*

Wednesday night we went to Eminem at Cape Town Stadium. I do not want to say too much about this, it seems everyone else had a better experience than me, which makes me sad cause I feel like I am a bigger fan than most of them.

Maybe working at events have ruined going to events for me. I felt that the organisation at the venue was poor, there were too many people (there for the pop hits and not knowing the few real old hits he did) and well, we waited way too long for beers…

zombies leaving the show. stand in line humans

zombies leaving the show. stand in line humans

Anyway. Had fun non the less, like I said to H afterwards, I do enjoy a bit of an angry party occasionally and I did get to flip the bird more than usual…

Thursday my housemate and I helped out my super talented cousin Hendrik Coetzee and event organiser Hannerie Visser set up a dinner for Nando’s/Spier Architectural Arts/Design Indaba. Lots of fun with tiles and deconstructed ox and butcher themes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was off to wine at Publik and dinner with the girls and by Friday noon I felt I needed to escape. So off the the farm I went…

Just what the doctor ordered.

DSC01103 DSC01105 DSC01106

I took lots of naps, played with the kids, ate well, drank lots of wine, watched the pretty boys work topless in the cellar while enjoying the sounds and smells of harvest.

Got woken up by 4yo Ana and 8yo Samuel climbing into bed with me on Saturday morning. Watched the first session of the cricket, played with the kids, ate well, drank lots of wine… and made a pretty impressive paper dress with Ana…

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Early Sunday it was back to town to do an hour or so at our DPW workshop and then off to hair and make up for the last Arnreuby fashion show at Cointreau’s Summer Chic event at The Grand.

1781904_10151976064321638_413955447_nWhich turned into a long day of drinking red wine, eating stew and talking nonsense (and a lot of sense) with new friends on a rainy day.

Clothing by Odysseus / Arnreuby

Hair and make-up by Klio.

New week, new things.


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