consistently random

I like to think of myself as consistently random. I love a bit of a contrast, as the quietriot thing clearly suggests. This weekend is a great example of the diversity of my life and interests…

Friday night usual on the couch with bestie and his bitch watching winter olympics and eating home made gnocchi.


On Saturday I got my hair and make-up done and was put into a pretty dress designed my my housemate, who makes amazing clothes under his Arnreuby label.

We then modeled our lovely outfits at a Cointreau event at The Grand in Granger Bay.


On Saturday night Kalmoesfontein cellar hand Kyle wanted to escape the farm and came to visit. “Bring wine. Tell Adi my cellar is empty” I joked, and then he rolled in with this:


needless to say, the housemates like him already…

On Sunday DPW had to clean our massive (28 x 12 m) bedouin tent from LOTS of Black Rock City playa dust.

First you start with the wrong tent (ugh, it was 8am on a Sunday ok)DSC01042

then you try out some random clothes that we actually brought to use to wrap the top of the makeshift poles


then you beat the dust out of the tent for a few hours… DSC01046

then you test the hard core high pressure sprayers you hiredDSC01058

then you spray the dust out of the tent for a few more hours while brushing the access muddy water out with brooms (see the difference where we sprayed already!?)DSC01062

then you have lunch and watch it dry DSC01067

while climbing treesDSC01073

and playing ‘Ninja’DSC01085

and then you take it down and pack it up and have a beer and go wash all the play dust from your hair and sun burnt back… DSC01093

Just another weekend in my life…

Here is to a busy week. A DPW meeting every evening EXCEPT WEDNESDAY when we go to see Eminem live at Cape Town Stadium…


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