a bitchin blogpost

Last night saw another edition of the fast growing First Thursdays phenomenon on the streets of Cape Town. As with every #FirstThursday, we had big plans to see art exhibitions and pop into designer shops. And as with every previous First Thursday we started with the wine tasting at &Union and never made it further than Publik Wine Bar, which is literally just across the street…

Another First Thursday tradition (for me anyway) is eating a pulled pork sandwich from my friend Callie’s Southern Smoker. I do not often eat meat, I refuse to buy it from supermarkets or order it in restaurants where I do not have knowledge of where it came from.

I tried being vegetarian for over a year, but hey, I am Afrikaans… skaaptjoppies, potjie kos and red meat is part of who I am. So these days I get meat from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants or from friends on farms. Callie’s Southern Smoke kinda ticks both those boxes.

So there we were, eating amazing slow smoked pork sandwiches, washing it down with marvelous white wine (by another friend Adam Mason, who I just saw at &union before crossing over) and having a lovely time (sitting in what the Aussies called ‘the gutter’ but what we prefer to call the pavement since it was rather busy at our favourite wine bar last night.)

Then I went to the toilet and noticed that some idiot had written FUCK MEAT with a marker over the hand painted artwork of a pig, cleverly ‘dissected’ to educate customers on the different parts of the animal.

fuck meat

Now I have a few problems with this:

1. it is pure, crass, pointless and trashy vandalism. I already have issues with girls writing nasty things and swearwords on the back of toilet doors, but somehow I can still understand that… but this…

2. I know the sign writer that painted that sign. According to Kristian it took him and a partner three days to paint it by hand. I remember watching him in action at Cape Electric Tattoo shop last year, with such precision and patience – a real art in a world inundated with temporary vinyl stickers and printing…


3. FFMM is a very ethical company and one of few trying to do some good in a very screwed up industry. Like one of my vegan friends said recently, South Africans will only stop eating meat when there are no more animals… thus it is amazing that someone like Andy is trying to help us find ways to do this in a sustainable, healthy and ecological way. In an industry where animals not only get mistreated but also fed very badly and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics (that I would not take directly) I for one am very grateful to the FFMM boys for supplying me with the option to actually consume some healthy, happy meat.


To the person who thought they should come to a classy, sexy and conscious establishment like FFMM / Publik, take out the fat marker that they carry around in case they get a brainwave as ingenious as ‘fuck meat’… I really do not even know what to say to you… just maybe, NO WONDER PEOPLE ROLL THEIR EYES AT VEGANS… you are not helping anyone and you look like an idiot.


I hope you feel like you did something for an animal today, you loser.

The scribbles photographed for this blog are from things I wrote down, drunkenly, when I got home last night. I believe I was the first one to ‘break this story’ onto social media, and while I regretted it for a moment while chatting to Kristian and David (they beautiful boys behind my favourite bar) last night, I am now happy to have shared this horrible act of vandalism. We need to show people that this is not okay and you are not the better person, for not eating meat, you brainless beast.

Ok, enough from me, thanks. And sorry. but shit like this… grrrr.

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