busy (having fun)


Ugo got a local craftsman to make me this sign as a thank you gift. Ugo visited from Barcelona, we did the Junk Raft Armada together, and to him, I am the captain (blush).


Later, a bunny themed 50th at the Botrivier Hotel…

DSC00703 DSC00706 DSC00719 DSC00723 DSC00727


We went to dinner at SUP #7, hosted by Gusto at Side Street Studios on Albert Road. Great art on the buildings. Great food (pizzas from Mario’s little truck, caprese salad with baby squid, rabbit from the braai and polenta “the Italian pap” and…

DSC00747 DSC00748 DSC00752 DSC00754 DSC00757For desert, ice cream with olive oil. “I wonder what oil they use” I said to Pia as I looked over to the kitchen to see they were in fact using Prince Albert Olive Oil, my client :)


After a few hours of work and sourcing props, Shane and I went to Boulders beach to see penguins. This is why I love having visitors around, I get to do amazing things in my own city (that I had never done before!)

DSC00808 DSC00784 DSC00803

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