Hot weekend / heated debates


a South African. an American. an Italian. a Belgian. heat. the attack of the killer swallow. dead tortii (is that a word?). floating booze. water watermelon basketball. geckos. springbokke. ducks and falcons. no electricity. no reception. no Facebook. long walks to nowhere. reservoir and dam swimming. doing lots of nothing. sleeping under the stars. waking up to see the sun rise and going back to sleep. every day is braai day. lazy days and quiet nights. politics. first world problems. another tough day in Africa. gravel roads and rental cars. Europeans driving in Africa. stars, so many stars. an outside toilet with a view.

oh tankwa, you complete me…


DSC00583 DSC00587 DSC00601 DSC00604 DSC00611 DSC00616 DSC00618 DSC00619 DSC00633 DSC00634 DSC00641 DSC00654 DSC00659 DSC00660 DSC00665 DSC00673 DSC00685 DSC00689lots of pictures, since I loved it all.

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