another 4 of #100happydays

Still playing catch up… But I have been happy, so happy in fact that there are more than one picture of happiness for most days this past week…

Friday; more amazing street art around my house. People break eye contact awkwardly when I say I live BELOW Main Road in Woodstock (or sometimes I say ‘lower dodgy Woodstock’ as commentary on those who say ‘Upper trendy Woodstock”.) Yes there are strange houses around us, yes there are little snot nosed kids running around asking for things (“Aunty, give some waters there man please aunty”) and yes there is often rubbish in the road as the wind blows EVERYTHING down there… BUT there are also amazing studios, street art and diversity in the area and I LOVE IT>

This went up within days of the buildings around the corner being demolished:

DSC00561 DSC00562



Faith 47


Old shop tiles now pave the impromptu parking lot.


Also Friday, my home made guacamole / salsa summery lunch made me super happy.

Saturday the amazing diversity of my life, friends and clients made me smile. These are empty returnable cheap beer bottles (that I gave to a beggar to return for deposit) in a box from world class French Chenin Blanc… yup.



Just my view on my way to get groceries. I LOVE MY CITY.

Seapoint promenade, Saturday afternoon.

DSC00571Sunday on Glen beach with my ‘cousin’.


Today I am (super) happy to be in the studio shooting a few videos for which I have been making and sourcing props for almost two weeks…


Hopefully our internet at home got fixed today and I can get more work (and #100happyday posts) done this week.

Have a good one, and BE HAPPY. ugh.


One thought on “another 4 of #100happydays

  1. Lower Woodstock is an amazing place. Obz is nice too, but not the same, I miss the raw edge of Woodstock.
    And love the fact that bergies just decided to tear down those houses that now became a parking lot, a different kind of “urban planning”. ;)

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