this year…


For a while now I have been fighting an internal battle about whether or not I will pack my life up and head to Europe again this year – to return to my beloved Nowhere and to do another amazing project with my favourite filthy Frenchman and other pirates… I said to Sol that I hope that the universe will provide the answers (mostly cause I could not decide). On new years day I woke up next to the Breede River and I just knew. I just felt it in my head and heart that this year I want to stay put, work hard, make a home, explore my own diverse country, love my city (even in winter), maybe have a stable relationship (even if only with myself) and digest the last two years’ adventures, before embarking on another one. I know it woun’t be easy, come June to see all the nobodies head to the desert, but hey, this place will provide enough adventures! Putting it out there, so it will sink in in here…

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