Pa rum pum pum pum…

One fateful day their curiosity led them to follow the north star.

But on their way there was a terrible accident – and Arie was mortally wounded.

The drummer boy could not contain his pain.
Desperate, he carried her through the streets in search of help, hoping for a miracle.

He encountered three wise men, who were also following the north star to bring gifts to a new born king.

The boy pleaded for their help.
But the magi told him to seek out the new born king, “He is the one to help you.”
“But I have no gift to give, I am poor and I can’t come empty handed,” he replied.

The wise men insisted.

Hesitant, the boy approached the crib.
He gazed upon the infant king and like a flash he started to play his tambourine like he had never played it before.

The boy turned, and to his great joy Ariel’s eyes slowly opened – a miracle!

They embraced and returned to the woods.

Photography: Carmen Davila
Assistants: Alexandra Seiler & Vincent Riess

Stylist and hair: Helena Sheridan

Clothing: stylist’s own and items by Remo Rodriguez 

Makeup: Carmen Davila

Models: Sage, Wibke, Dominic, Nicolo and Freddy from Base Model Agency Cape Town

Layout & design: Pulling Rabbits


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