useless post

I am not ready to say my final goodbye to Mandela, so instead, here is a post of useless photos I took with the camera I bought yesterday. Clearly I have not really left the house (except to go assess whether wood at a film set was worth scavaging to build toilets at Afrikaburn, goodie) so hey, this is my house as seen through experimenting with the features on my new toy camera. (I ran into game, and within 10 mins had bought exactly what I lost in the hitch hiker friendly Pakistani man’s car in Lleida earlier this year.)

Devils Peak, sunset, cape town

Devils Peak just before sunset, trying to pick up the green. From the roof/deck.

old castle brewery

old castle brewery. i live in lower dodgy woodstock.

table mountain from woodstock

roof views


Berlin Spier Creative Block

Berlin (I want to go back) / Spier Creative Block mini sheet.

pyl uil

desperate owls and artists


bedside matters


beetroot evidence


where I struggle to sleep, unless I am drunk.


too kitch to be cool

Come visit, when there is no *w-word* it is lovely on the roof, and summer is here!


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