look Ma, a blog post.

inspirational words and pretty pictures I encountered recently:

Cape Town-20131204-00121 Cape Town-20131204-00118 Cape Town-20131204-00119 Cape Town-20131204-00120

IMG-20131204-00116 IMG-20131204-00112 IMG-20131204-00113 IMG-20131204-00114 IMG-20131204-00115

Also, we went to Parow for Badenhorst Family Wines’ end of year lunch at The Harlequin… We drank French bubbly, Argentinian Malbec and Swartland Pinotage from the 70s.

All I will say is, interesting place…

Parow-20131204-00128 Parow-20131204-00130 Parow-20131204-00124

Adi, Alinda and I went from there to Kimberley Hotel for gin and tonics, to Kyoto Garden for sushi and saki and ended lunch about 12hours later drinking Sicilian wine at Publik.

Good lunch…


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