a lazy random week… next!

I have been in a weird phase / mood since Wednesday. More lazy than usual – I freelance for a reason, yet I am always keen to work on my clients’ blogs (they are also my clients for a reason…) but these last few days I needed to just stop and step away a bit.

Since a good meeting with the bosses at Prince Albert Olives on Wednesday morning I have done very little work but I:

Had lunch at Crush with an old friend who is moving back to Cape Town to open a raw health food shop.

Took a rare, long lovely afternoon nap. Woke up with an incredible craving for meat (I eat meat very rarely, only when I know exactly where it came from and how it was fed and treated) but on Wednesday night I craved a burger (specifically from Burger Dream on Danziger Street in Berlin, but since that was a tad too far…) I got over that and ordered take out from Hudsons The Burger Joint. Oh they do make a good burger…

Heard about the Adidas (the only brand I will wear and only the sneakers) sample sale and decided to ‘pop in’. ha. When we got there the queue of humans was about 100m long and I turned around and left without a second thought. I do not queue. Do you know who I am? ha. no. consumerism, too much to handle.

Took a minibus taxi in to town while the speakers shouted about dicks and pussies. Always so charming, this particular form of public transport.

Had a meeting with photographer Carmen Davila about a very interesting personal project we will be shooting this Sartuday. Lets just say I have to style a guy to be a donkey and a girl to be a sheep. This meeting led to coffee at the pop up Parliament Coffee shop (wow) and mojitos at the Twankey Bar at the Taj. After that I did some vintage shopping at Beleza followed by dinner at Society Bistro with my ‘cousin’.

On Friday I went thrift shopping (to try get the donkey, the sheep and the drummer boy some outfits) got a haircut and had lunch with old school friends. Followed by a Pimms at the Waterfront, a glass of Tierhoek Chenin at &union and lots of wine at the cousin’s house. After which ‘going out’ obviously became a great idea. We aimlessly drank around on Long Street and I ended the night dancing to bad wedding music at Sgt Pepper.

Saturday was a slow start (Katie put on her TV and there was an episode of Man v Food. WTF America…!?!?) We went to the City Bowl Market for breakfast and veggies. Afterwards I had to endure Pick n Pay on the first Saturday after pay day. THIS IS MY HELL. Queues (again) humans, aisles, trolleys full of things that are bad for you and your family, credit cards, ladies with coupons, promo girls and guys urging you to try things on your hangover, 100s of brands for the same basic thing (how many ways can there be to make rice). I struggle to deal with it all.

In the afternoon I had a little house warming braai. I told everyone to come at 2pm so we can chill on the roof (the wind blew that idea away) knowing they would start rocking up at 4ish. True to form most people only arrived around 6pm. Non the less, another successful ‘experiment’ of bringing my diverse friends together.

 My friends are random odd balls that somehow bounce in stunning synchronicity when thrown together…

And a very successful ‘veggie braai’ as I impressed myself with a variety of breads (garlic, herb & chili / red pesto & mozzarella / mushroom and basil) mushrooms (nothing beats a big mushroom on the fire) sosaties (various peppers, marrows, onion, mini tomatoes and baby potatoes on a skewer) and a pear and blue cheese rocket salad. Nogal. All paired nicely with some of Adi’s rare and export wines.

Today I slept late, cleaned the house, read my book and attended another Sunday DPW meeting.

In other news.

Hung out at The Book Lounge (love that place) for a while this week. Bought a new diary (bring on 2014) and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Started reading this in Berlin last year and finally remembered to buy it. Lots of blog posts about that ahead.

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin. It has been on my mind and popping up in random conversations all week. Oh how I wish to return.

Saw 36 old pictures colorized and learned about the monk Thich Quang Duc who had burnt himself to death in 1963 protesting the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. Sometimes we need these reality checks, not even sure what it teaches me, but yoh, so much…

This is possibly the most boring blog post I have ever written and I apologize if anyone read this far hoping for something exciting to happen. Going to put my headache to bed now.

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