Nap Living, sounds like me.

Not only do I live for a good nap, but Nap Living is also a retail brand selling beautiful homeware and clothing, accessories etc.

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Candice in the Cape Quarter store and today I had a look at their website.

Considering what I know about myself and my wardrobe, and what I wrote just last night… it was quite magical to find this on their website. 

“The whole NAP thing started in 2004, 
created by Carina Marescia and her 
daughter, Tamryn, who share a love for
the functional and beautiful yet honest
and simple, preferably with a raw edge
and almost always neutral in it’s colour of 
charcoals, greys, white and stones. Every 
now and then, a wild moment of colour
we believe people and all growing things
are the colour, so our living space and
what we wear should almost always be 
neutral, allowing us to be the colour in 
every day.


LOVE THAT. now my choices make so much more sense. Even my tattoos have all been only black n grey, well, till earlier this month… 

also, took this pic in store yesterday. And I concur. 


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