Apparently… there is a currently trend happening with bloggers.

I am not one for trends but I cannot sleep – even though I am quite tired and rather hungry – I am going to try this…

Currently I am:

Reading –

Letters to a young artist by Julia Cameron. I am always reading this book, sometimes I just open it randomly and the letter will almost always speak to me.

They Is Us by Tama Janowitz, which I found in a thrift shop yesterday and have read all of 28 pages of. ‘…a glimpse at the future which is both entirely believable and utterly shocking. Read it before it comes true’ the back cover says…

Take it Easy by Poyntz Tyler. Published in 1961 the original selling price was 30c. ‘Never before has a single (hilariaous) book contained so many ideas for making money… every idea is just about as crooked as a dog’s hind leg’ this one says…

Planning –

A housewarming party for some friends to come see my new spot and housemates; a trip to Prince Albert and the Karoo for December; ways to make some money so I can escape winter again next year…

Working on – 

A new blog/website for Cafe Dijon, it should go live this week!

A social media report for The Swartland Revolution.

Some blog posts for clients including De Liefde and AA Badenhorst Family Wines.

New website proposals for a few of my clients.

Wearing –

More dresses and skirts. Trying really hard to be a bit of a lady and to utilise the wardrobe that gets packed away for most of the year while I live from a backpack. Also trying (trying…) to wear less black and grey. hmm.

Dreaming of – 

Summer. Water. Beaches. Movement. Freedom. Silence. Sun. Rivers. Road trips. Sunsets and sunrises.

Grateful for –

my life, my freedom, my choices. Three years after taking a big leap into the unknown world of freelance/unemployment it finally feels like things are starting to come together. Like I might not have to live from one month to the next for ever. Like I might not go um, ah, weeeellll, whenever someone asks me what I do.

I am grateful for new friends and opportunities. And for old friends, the real ones that you find every time you return from a long stretch away from home. For fresh eyes and inspiration on new frontiers.

Pinning again. Check me out.

Ok, currently my stomach is consuming itself, I either have to sleep or eat. Over and out.

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