a weekend in my happy place.

I have a few happy places actually. Before I got to travel and discover wider horizons (literally in this case) my haven on earth was our family house in Yzerfontein. A place my grandpa built the year before I was born, right on the main beach of a small west coast town, where I had spent every summer holiday from birth till I rebelled against routine in my early twenties.

These days happy places also include a little spot in the Monegros desert in Spain, known only as Nowhere;

any spot on the banks of the Rio Ebro;


a certain balcony in Berlin; and this place, in the Tankwa Karoo, once a year known as Tankwa Town.

On Friday morning a few members of Afrikaburn’s DPW made their way to Tankwa. We had to go take down all the toilet boxes, do a bit of an inventory of our kitchen remains (it burnt down spectacularly at this year’s event… a rather unscheduled burn) and do a bit of a site inspection / town planning.

Rain followed us most of the way, but while some of the Western Cape flooded over the weekend, we mearly enjoyed a few cloud breaks in the Northern Cape.

IMG-20131115-00055The overland truck got a flat tire on the way there…

IMG-20131115-00057 IMG-20131115-00058 IMG-20131115-00059It was a very special weekend. Being in all that open space again, sleeping in our site office caravan, sitting around the fire…


moving 119 toilet boxes, driving around the site looking at new locations for storage, the airport and ‘far out art’…1470125_10152086984939136_908942477_nTo the most spectacular sunset (possibly EVER) from the bench;


planning an epic sneak attack on the party goers at Stonehenge; getting stuck without fuel in the dark, getting lost in the moonlight while waiting for fuel; the brain plant; car party; getting towed into Stonehenge (so much for a sneak attack); laying on the back of Rommel watching the full moon behind the clouds; whiskey in a bottle; time warp; hours around the fire making crazy plans; loading Rommel full of soft things, the cooler box and a fire pit; heading out to the binnekring and spending hours around a fire surrounded by the earthpods, waiting for the sun to rise.IMG-20131116-00067All in all a magical weekend in a magical place. I am so happy and fortunate to be a part of such a weirdly wonderful team of people. Bring on Afrikaburn 2014 (well, bring on the planning and logistics and budgets and recruitment first…)


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