here there everywhere…

I still do not have a camera since mine fell out of my bag while hitch hiking through Spain, but I do have a crappy camera on my phone, so here is what it has captured recently.

Dimi had been in Cape Town over two weeks before we got to a beach, but the wait was worth it as we got a perfect (tues)day to hit Llandudno beach and hid in the ‘caves’ watching seals play in the water below.


On Friday I arrived in the beautiful Riebeek Valley to get ready for this year’s Swartland Revolution. According to all the reports I have received (about 5 000 000 tweets) everyone had a fantastic weekend. IMG-20131108-00021

I had booked myself and some friends into the hostel at the local primary school, whose motto is quite apt for a weekend like the Revolution. Help Each Other… IMG-20131108-00022 IMG-20131108-00027


The only way to start Saturday, babelas burger and a coffee (or three).IMG-20131109-00029

The second of three tastings was that of five wines from the Swartland of the 1970s and 80s. Last of its kind and very impressive indeed.

photo 1

This event is a great success every year and I am very honoured to work on it with some of South Africa’s best winemakers and visionaries in the field of growing and producing wine.

Here is what I wrote to them afterwards and I feel it should be public. (in brackets, added FYI)

Andrea & Chris (Mullineux), congrats again on your well deserved awards on Fri (FOUR Platter five star wines and SA’s Winery of the Year 2014!). Your dedication, passion and perfectionism is something to aspire to professionally.

Eben (Sadie), that picnic bag and the crowd you pulled to ‘our table’ last night, shows your generosity and the spirit of real revolution. Ek waardeer wie jy is en hoe jy dinge doen!

Callie Louw, jis jy IS n lekker ou. Ek sit enige dag my weird vegetarian beliefs opsy vir jou hoendertjies en southern smokes. En dan maak jy nogal ok wyn ook ;)

Adi (Badenhorst), I hope you know I love you and what you do, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with you (and this event by extension).

Cornelia (Badenhorst), you are amazing and still the one family member I aspire to. Well done!

DnA (events) ladies, you are the best in the business, of that I am once again well convinced. You go beyond the call of duty and I admire the way you do things.

Jo (Middleton), thank you for making this thing look good, soooo many compliments on that overheard once again.

Marc (Kent, Boekenhoutskloof), I hope this provided you with a well deserved magical birthday, your foresight in creating this showcase and dedication behind the scenes make this all possible.

After the week of build up and the weekend of execution I really needed a break from looking at a screen. Luckily my friend Paul had rented a house in Kaaimans on the river mouth in Wilderness and I had the perfect place to escape to.

Our room overlooked the river…

The bookshelves were full of excellent entertainment… IMG-20131113-00045 IMG-20131113-00046

And from the stoep you could read, nap, sunbath and drink gin and tonics for hours as the tide comes in and goes out again.


My new bestie Martin (who’s family lives there and keeps the house clean and couriers you and your belongings over the river) was sad to see us go.IMG-20131113-00050

Francis and Martin couriering us across the river, so we can (sadly) go home. IMG-20131113-00053Magic place and magical moments.

Tomorrow I head to Tankwa Town for some toilet duties (DPW for life) and town planning.

Why am I broke, I thought earlier. Oh, I’ve worked all of 6 hours this week. Good life.


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