know your status

This might be silly, but my latest (late night) Facebook status (ugh yes) was almost a blog post, so why not kill two flies with one flip flop (my personal record is 10. TEN flies with one swift movement of my flip flop, bringing them down on the deck of the fish boat, somewhere on the banks of the Rio Ebro…)

Anyway. Today was a lovely sunny Sunday in Cape Town, and no wind (days like these are precious and priceless) so we had a four and a half hour long meeting discussing various Job Titles, Descriptions and Responsibilities for members of AfrikaBurn’s DPW ‘Hammer council’.



Highlights in other news from the rest of the weekend.

Moved in. Got welcomed to the whood with a broken car window and some help with my shoe addiction (to be honest I don’t even know which shoes were all in the, retro Bart and Lisa Simpson, bag that they stole). Bought groceries, like good active members of society. Caught some sun. Speed read my way through my Pecha Kucha presentation, edited PK presentation, had nightmares about stage fright during PK presentation. Celebrated my cousin’s birthday with lots of wine and laughter. Ate sushi and did a lot of RTing and replying to excited tweets about The Swartland Revolution.

Big week ahead. Good night. 



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