just keep swimming

Dimi gave me shit today for not posting enough on my blog… So here we go.

I have been busy. Since he arrived we have been moving from one place to the other (tomorrow the final move to the place I have rented in ‘trendy lower Woodstock’) living from bags (it has been 7 months since my last cupboard…) and packing up every few days in the hope of not overstaying our welcome.

We spent a few days with my cousin and family in the amazing cottage on Kalmoesfontein relaxing, sleeping, eating.

I played life guard for the boys as they enjoyed the warmer days

we went to Riebeek and had a lovely lunch at Mama Cucina and we sat on top of Paarl rock as my brother and his friend climbed ‘Sands of time’ (wow!), can you even spot them?

and we ‘met the parents’.

We moved to town (where my other cousin – dankie tog vir familie – is house sitting some pretty famous people’s house) and stayed once again in luxury.

In between there were client meetings, lunch meetings, new business venture meetings, annual general meetings and AfrikaBurn’s amazing ‘thank you dinner’…

And next week is The Swartland Revolution, I am so happy to work with this bunch and the revolutionary weekend is my favourite wine event of the year…

SR poster 2013

If you can, make your way to Riebeek Kasteel next Saturday and come drink some amazing, world renowned, natural Swartland wines with us…

Street Party_Poster2013

November is already pretty full of meetings, events, parties and even a trip to the karoo to do a site inspection of Tankwa Town (this is where AfrikaBurn happens). Coincidently there is a meteor shower that weekend, yes, our logistical planning is THAT good.

Also, I spent a whole day putting together my presentation on The Junk Raft Armada for Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit-chat, it happens all over the world, google it) on Tuesday next week. If you are in Cape Town, please come.

Phew… no wonder I am longing for life on the river, drifting under the Spanish sun.



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