So much for that…

The idea to blog every day failed. Badly.

But I am going to blame a few things 

a. I spent a week camping in a field of cow shit on Cloof estate setting up the Nu World Beat Burrow for Rocking The Daisies. We worked from 7am till late into the night every day, then we partied hard all weekend and then we broke it all down.


b. After that I slept for a day and

c. recovered from a tummy bug (finally after six months of being very smug about “never getting the bug” it hit me, luckily while I was home at my momma’s house and not while in a desert somewhere or living on the banks of a river…)

d. caught up with client work

e. organised the boxes that contain my life (and spent hours reading old journals)

f. meetings, meetings, meetings.

Soon Dimi arrives from Belgium to come stay and explore SA for a few months. I do not even have anywhere to unpack my bag, so I have been frantically looking for somewhere to stay in between all of this.

Hopefully more posts coming soon as we explore the cape and beyond. 


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