write about now

The questions are still there. The answer still on my mind.

Now what? What do you do? What are you going/do you want to do?

I don’t really know, but I always kind of do know. It all comes down to the fact that I want to write, I want to look at things differently (and I want to inspire people to turn their head and see a different angle too) and I want to make (social) commentary on the status quo.

My friend Sterling is writing every day for two weeks, and I want to similarly try to blog something every day. Even if it is just a quote or a picture or something from my little book of thoughts.

I write down lists of ‘things to google’ as life happens and today I finally google a few and want to share the good ones.

John Baldessari

This youtube video is a nice summery of the history of Baldessari,

he is interesting. But perhaps not as critical (remember I am a cynic) as I would like him to be. Although, having said that, he says

which made me think of Lawrence Weiner

Took this picture while having coffee in Antwerp last month, it is of an interview with Weiner that I wanted to remember


He says “one cannot judge what is art and what is not by the accord of the society one is trying to change…”

I was going to write more, but this has provided more food for thought than I expected and I need to digest a bit.

Maybe I even do MORE than one post a day…


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