in every end a new beginning…


Well, in my home country that is. Part of the problem at the moment is I have no house to call home.

Hello SA, I arrived back in Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon and have since spent time in a guest house, at my parents’ house (surrounded by all the boxes that contain my life possessions) and on Kalmoesfontein (sleeping in my cousin’s 4year old’s bed).

Today I might head to our beach house in Yzerfontein, for some decompression (as I would call it as a burner) or ‘a holiday after my holiday’ (as my dad calls it) or just for some damn much anticipated alone time. I have a lot to digest. 

I have met a lot of interesting people, seen a lot of ‘foreign’ (excuse the pun) places, learned a lot of words and concepts and generally expanded my mind and heart a great deal in the last three months. 

I think I am in a long distance relationship for the first time in my life.

People ask me, where to now, where will you settle, what are you going to do now…? And I genuinely do not have the answers.

The question “why did you come back” has only two answers, “my visa expired” and simply “summer”…

All of this has lead to immense confusion in my ever thinking head and little heart.

I think I need another cup of tea…

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