this is weir(d)

A new mission starts here… 

Yesterday I hitchhiked for the first (and second and third and fourth) time ever. I had my friend Rory the ‘Scotchman’ with me and we went from Gelsa to Lleida.

While the rest of the 2003 class of Swartland High School celebrated our 10 year reunion on the other side of the world, Rory and I shared some bread, cheese, tomato, crisps and a single 25c beer while the sun set over Caspe (ironically the last stop for the Junk Raft Armada, although it will take them a few more days to get there…)

We got a ride out of there JUST before it got too dark and eventually slept in a kiddies play park in Lleida last night. Rory, ever the gentleman, found some cardboard and built us a bed, this morning we washed in the water fountain, made sandwiches and ate fruit before we hit(ched) the road again. Three lifts and a €3.75 train ride later I was in Barcelona and only got lost once on my way to Ugo and Stuart’s place. 


It feels strange to be showered clean (I even used conditioner for the first time in months) and to hear the washing machine rinse all the Ebro mud from my clothes, but Dimi will be here in about and hour and with that my new adventure will start. A road trip of Spain and who knows where (I trust him to show me around).

Onto the next one, onto the next one.

Please follow the link to my last post as a pirate. I hope it says it all. this is weir(d).

ps. my camera dropped from my pocket in the car of the guy who drove us from Caspe to Lleida last night, so pictures will be few from here on…

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