Random thoughts of a travelling pirate…

I write this from the campsite outside El Burgo de Ebro near Zaragoza in Spain. My fellow “eco-pirates” have all walked into town to buy luxuries (and by this I mean cold drinks, ice and bread, maybe an onion…) and believe it or not, I think this is the first time in almost 4 months that I am completely alone.

Since climbing in the Octubus with my new DPW crew to head out to build Tankwa Town in early April I have spent

6 weeks with the crew and cast of Afrikaburn

2 weeks couch surfing with friends and family

2 days of travelling (alone but with hundreds of people around me)

2 weeks building rafts at Ca La Fou with my pirate crew

3 weeks building, partying and striking at Nowhere

1 week camping outside Zaragoza finalising our raft trip

and almost a week on journey with the Junk Raft Armada.

I always assume travelling will make for good writing, but in between all the adventure and excitement, all the new and old friends there never seems to be any time to get quiet and put ink on paper (or type the keys of my keyboard.)

I have written a few emails to friends and family back home in South Africa and those mails have given me some time to look at the bigger picture of this trip and my part in it.

Some random thoughts that I have typed up at some point, and which probably reflect on both my time trying to logistically manage the build and strike of Nowhere Festival, the week I spent not working and just enjoying the actual festival as well as dealing with my OCD while living on trash and with people from several different cultures…

Managing expectations and learning to live in the now.

In a place where my job is to do what needs to be done and the pay is my daily bread and the journey of a lifetime.

Trying to deal with my ocd and slowly learning to let go.

Realising I cannot always be in control and that sometimes someone else can actually do a better job of something.

That a little chaos isn’t crazy and some fun is certainly necessary.

That silly isn’t stupid and stupid isn’t always wrong.

That love comes in many shapes and from many places, yet when it is real it lingers in the heart and runs around in the head.

The complete calm that comes with accepting that I have not a concern in the world.

Feeling butterflies of excitement again, like I am 12.

Rekindling my faith in humanity as I experience the hospitality and selflessness of the people of rural Spain.

New found respect for my parents as I watch my brother take on this adventure with full force and weigh up our morals and work ethic against others.

DSC_3619IMG_0950 IMG_0895 IMG_0848 DSC_3681 DSC_3700Long from over, the adventure seems to have only begun…

I am blogging on behalf of the crew, so keep updated on www.junkarmada.wordpress.com.



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