there was dust, and now there is a river…

Another update from my summer in Spain

I survived the dust, thunderstorms, heat, hippies, stomach bug (still have not caught me!) chaos, laughter, crying and fun at Nowhere and am safely in Zaragoza prepping for the launch of our Junk Armada down the Rio Ebro.
Nowhere was a great experience and although the build was hard work and strike was stressful the event (and my decision to not work during it) was fantastic. I enjoyed strengthening old friendships and forging new ones. I am well pleased with the changes I observe in myself, being in the same place one year later. The stress of herding cats and trying to logistically manage what is essentially chaos has also taught me great lessons about myself and my limits. I hope to return (if not next year then some day) to see how this event grows and evolves.
But now months of planning has come down to this, 14 pirates camping in a dusty “parking lot” on a farmer’s land just outside of Zaragoza.
After a few nights in a local hostel trying to rid ourselves (and our clothes and nostrils) of the dust, exhaustion and THE BUG of Nowhere we moved into a little piece of land in between some corn fields just outside of the city. Here we have sowed the last of our plastic bottles into flotation and sorted our food (so many amazing donations from Nowhere, thank you thank you without that we would surely starve!) and regained our strength. By Wednesday it will all become “real” when we launch our three rafts and start our journey down the Ebro.
My brother arrived last Tuesday and impressed me immediately, he pitched in and helped to take down toilets and moop the site at Nowhere. On the crew he is a valuable member who has a calming effect when tempers runs high and his river knowledge blows us all away (maybe just cause we are starting to realise how little we knew…)
Excited and a little nervous, but this is what it comes down to… 18 amazing people from all corners of the world on three rafts made from junk and floating on 100s of plastic water bottles…
??????????????????????????????? IMG_0719
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