Meet my pirate crew! The As

In a place where seemingly anything goes, people have come together from all over the world. With various expectations and ambitions, stories and motivations, these are the eco pirates I will spend my Spanish summer with…

The As


(Trying to) lead the pack is Ants, the fast talking, quick thinking Kiwi who is the only one on the crew who (kind of) knew everyone before the start of this project. A global citizen from down under, Ants has been involved in activism and social justice for over a decade. These days he builds junk rafts, drinks endless cups of tea while dealing with the stress of life in the Spanish summer…

Ant’s favourite sayings include “sweet ass” when things are going well and he obviously calls everyone mate.


Antony, or Tony to avoid confusion (for us, not him) is half English half Sicilian and seems to think he “works maticiously”. We think he is forgetful most of the times, but we love him for this bad wedding music, freaky fake ponytail (affectionately known as Tonytail) and the treats he regularly pulls from his bag. He is also pretty handy with a saw and makes great pasta…

Tony loves to tell everyone that he “hasn’t really worked since October” and we can all see that.


Abby is an American ex-pat who lives in France. She adds some style to this whole business since she actually always looks clean (more than I can say for the other As). Abby is making outfits and planning how to feed us on a limited budget. As a vegan with good morals she is constantly trying to get us to see her way, tough job… Sand flies love Abby and Abby loves tea (and) biscuits (until she found out, the hard way, that they contain milk powder…)


As I find out people’s “real names” I realise there are more As, but I will get to them when their not so real names fit into the mix.

Wondering what the hell we are up to?

We are building a fleet of pirate rafts from junk we collected from the streets of Barcelona. We plan to drift down the Ebro this July-August performing along the way, to spread urgent messages of waste in our society (and rivers, waterways and oceans.)

Check out the blog here, like the Facebook Page here, follow us on Twitter here, or

JUST DONATE TO THE CAUSE, pretty please…


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