honey, I’m hooome!

And we’re back! On Thursday I returned to civilization after spending 42 days in the dusty Tankwa Karoo building Tankwa Town for AfrikaBurn.

We are DPW – the Tankwa Town Department of Public Works.

In 42 days we

built a camp and home to survive all weather and wind; built and moved and set up 120 toilets complete with tp, sawdust, EM and a brush(!); worked with power tools; lifted and carried some pretty heavy shit; painted and planted over 300 signs; burned things; built and set up the city grid of street lamps; ascended hills and mountains; swam in dams and reservoirs and a fire warmed Jacuzzi; (ghost) rode bikes and bakkies, trailers and art cars; slept under the stars; dug trenches; watched the sun rise and set every day; watched the moon go through its complete cycle; saw lightning; heard thunder; survived a tummy bug; knew everything about each other’s bowel movements; survived a flu; partied; danced; burned things; cuddle bubbled; slept; didn’t sleep; shared; became friends for life; got drunk; got high; got low; watched our kitchen burn down on the Saturday of the event; watched as participants donated enough food, snacks and booze to keep us there for months, in luxury; mooped* for SIX DAYS; cried; laughed; bled; sweat; puked; took down everything we put up; burned things; built new storage; packed away everything neatly and left no trace!

*Moop – is Matter Out Of Place, anything brought there by the humans. The DPW crew walked around Tankwa Town (in the sun) in lines for six days picking up every stompie, sequence, feather and popcorn pit that event goers dropped. We picked up five barrels full of micro moop!

It is hard to describe the personal satisfaction and emotional growth one experiences during 42 days of hard physical labour in a very harsh environment. Looking back now I cannot believe I did not know my fellow crew members when we left Cape Town, with some I have such a close connection, it feels like we have been friends for ever (and we will be, for ever!)

As soon as I find the cable for my camera I will post my own pics with more details. These via Facebook with thanks to Jonx Pillemer.


our site office


no more kitchen (and 18 days to go…)


Fishy (we dragged him to the circle at 10ish) and a lovely street lamp!


Stasie kafee under the stars


‘Reflection’ Wood Artwork by Artist Danny Popper.


The Wattle Tower by Kim Goodwin and the Dandylions.

More pictures here and coming soon!

At the moment I am catching up on emails, friends and life. On the 9th of June I fly to Spain to join the Junk Armada crew and then I head to Nowhere (the Spanish Burn) to do it all over, in the European dust… Excited.


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