on the road

Last year when I moved (mostly into boxes, to go traveling gypsy style) I laid down my safety pins and steamer and sold most of my wardrobe and props. I didn’t really plan on working as a stylist ever again – you know ‘fashion is for the fools’ and ‘it is all just commercial crap’ blah blah hippie bs…
But when London based photographer March Pritchard e-mailed me saying he found this blog and was in town and wanted to collaborate, the timing felt right (the shoot was planned for my first day back at being a FREElancer) so I decided to do it (with a very limited box of tricks).
I am so happy I did – the very talented crew all piled into my fucked up Jetta and cruised around the coast (with Clayton following on his bike) to shoot some scenic shots.
This is On The Road in Cape Town… and I think it came out pretty cool.
3021_OntheRoad_02_002 road23021_OntheRoad_04_047 3021_OntheRoad_04_003
3021_OntheRoad_05_056 3021_OntheRoad_05_012 raod3
Photographer Marc Pritchard
Stylist Helena Sheridan
Hair & Make-up Alet Viljoen @ Supernova CM
Model Isabella & Clayton @ Boss Model Management

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