While at The Blend this morning we bumped into Paul and he showed us his favourite magazine Men’s File. I freaking LOVE it.

As they say on their blog:

“Perhaps one of the reasons that certain individuals find themselves inexplicably attracted to mid-century style is due to an unconscious dissatisfaction with contemporary life that is dominated by an obsession with financial gain and a constant and relentless push toward growth in all fields of endeavour. The idea that each year we have to earn more and spend more seems to place undue pressures on people and the enjoyment of just ‘being’ seems to be eroding year on year.”


It makes me really happy and excited to see a trend back to basics. I want them to make things like they used to. I want less flash and more function. I want hand made quality (even if it is a bit more expensive) rather than machine made plastic crap…

I have a dream… and I am not the only one (yes, that is not how it goes, but both men were legends.)

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