Vermaaklikheid entertainment

On Thursday last week we stacked surfboards on the roof, racked bikes on the back and packed the car full of “snacks you like to eat on holiday” and followed the full moon to Vermaaklikheid (“to be entertained” in Afrikaans).DSC07495 DSC07497A tranquil valley where very few of the homesteads, all set on small holdings or farms of a couple of hectare, have electricity. There is no cellphone reception, there is no pollution, no noise, no traffic. During the day you hang on the beach or row down the river, play cricket or boulle on the grass or read in the sun. During the night you light a fire and a couple of gas lamps, watch the stars come out and listen to the croaking and cricking of little creatures in the bushes and reeds.

DSC07500 DSC07501Early morning solo swim in the river, muddy exit = dirty feet = happy kid at heart.

DSC07503our suite…

DSC07508river mouth beach <3

DSC07514Hoe lyk die bokke?

DSC07515Our ride for new year’s eve. Here we are on way to hook another trailer behind the trailer .. the back one had mattresses  and kids, the front one chairs and adults drinking red wine while being tractored from house to house for celebratory drinks…

DSC07520This is where we stayed…

DSC07521New years dinner being prepared…

DSC07525New year’s day Gin tasting at Inverroche. Amazing story, amazing sustainability initiative, amazing products. Local is lekker. Find a store close to you that sell it. (Cape Town, try Wine Concepts in Lifestyle Center on Kloof Street!)

enzoOn the beach with Enzo (who digs a wet patch to lay on)

happinessAs seen in National Geographic. Click on image to read description and to realise the power of happiness and finding it in the simplest things. Also note the big brother’s top – it says Fashion and has to be (in my opinion) the most brilliant commentary on the fashion industry ever – it is and probably never has been in fashion…

swingswingSwinging into the new year. Down below is our house!


Driving home…

And then we were back in the city. And then I was back at my desk and PC…

Here is to 2013 – may we reach new heights and find new ways to happily co-exist on/with this planet.

love & light!


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