getting high

Thursday, wavescape slide night at Superette’s new spot in Albert Road. Very cool speakers and insights… It’s one of those “you had to be there” events (another one further down this post) but I left inspired and with a new love for the ocean and its creatures.


C getting rid of the construction site sand in his shoes… as grace opens. Albert Road, Woodstock.


Action Chapel – Jesus saves, come to him. Yeah, looks inviting…

Friday, walking to work as summer kicks into full gear in Cape Town (30’C+ all week!).


to love with open hands – Keizergracht Road, Walmer Estate.


More Faith47 magic, Keizergracht / Darling Street, The Fringe.


#isawsmiley on Long Street. Check out the initiative here – the idea is to give responsibly. I do, Bongani (a tiny, skinny kid who is apparently almost 18 but looks about 12), comes by Cape Electric every day and we give him clothes (Gareth is a tiny guy), food, water and occasionally charge his phone and radio…

DSC07409My new tattoo (thanks Waldo!) a reminder that ego’s kill everything. A Bruce Lee (I am obsessed) quote – Knock the hell out of your ego.

DSC07410Friday night sunset. Beach Road, Seapoint.

DSC07411What do you do when every sushi bar in town has a 50% off deal? Have a 51% off deal! Somerset Road, Seapoint.

DSC07415Friday night at Tafelberg Tavern – Andrew James opening for Laura Gibson. Such talented guys, loved the cover of MGMT’s “Kids” with Lindiwe Suttle, in the picture above. See it here.


Laura Gibson & band. I had not heard of her before, but I am a big fan now. Soulful, poetic journeys, that is what she took us on.

Saturday morning – I got kicked out of bed at 6am to climb Table Mountain. Being (super) unfit I was a little skeptical  even when I thought we would take the “family friendly” Plattekloof Gorge up the front of the mountain. And then he made me climb India Venster – I nagged, I raised my voice, I swore, I puked, I cried (sitting on a ledge looking at the rocks I had to climb up using chains and down at how far I had come, realising there was no turning back).

DSC07420Don’t let the guy carrying the camera get too far ahead.

DSC07423So scenic, it really is worth the sweat, tears and blood (yes I bled too, who knows how that happened)

DSC07425Cape Town is HOT, thankfully the mountain provides its own shade and I just climbed in my sports bra…

DSC07429 DSC07432“Almost there” he kept saying…

DSC07434Camps bay! Pretty epic.

DSC07435The twelve apostles in a cloud cover.

DSC07437Now imagine how “not easy” it is coming up.

DSC07440And trust me, I am not experienced…

DSC07441Waiting to take the cable car down… success!

DSC07444Hello Cape Town jou lekker ding.

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