local things I love

1. Minato, one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets in sushi. I love the dodgy little entrance hidden just off Long Street, the typical Asian decor (by this I mean pine furniture, Japanese prints and shirts on the wall, fake plants and low lighting) and the hand printed signs, oh those signs…

DSC07395 DSC07397 DSC07398

2. Melissa’s The Food Shop. Not only is Melissa’s a local legend with amazing food, snacks, buffets, coffee and pretty things for the home, they are also a new client of mine. I am delighted about their new hamper selection – the solution to my xmas present issues. There is one for my dad (The Gentleman’s Pack, with biltong, coffee grounds, rusks and marshmallows at only R190) one for my Gran (The Cup of Tea Pack with White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies and Janice Rabie’s beautiful porcelain mug) and one for my Mommy (Afternoon Tea, with butter biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, nougat and meringues at only R155). Easy to see where I will be shopping before I head out to the coast (bonus, some of their stores are NOT in malls!).


3. Street art. Found / snapped lately.

IMG-20121028-01710 IMG-20121205-01866 IMG-20121206-01871

32’C, sunny, no wind, counting down the days till holidays. I love this place.

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