Mike Brodie, familiar stranger

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on Faith47’s blog. Faith is an amazing Cape Town based (graffiti) artist. When people mention her or her work I am quick to say “oh Libby, I know her” like we are old friends, but I know who she is, we have mutual friends, have met a few times and I am sure she will at least ‘recognise me’… either way, I am a huge fan of her work / message / talent.

First I read this article on her, where her mystical answers intrigued me and put me in a different state of mind –

“One day everything will return to dust. Nature is our biggest teacher. We should study her and revere her for we are indeed her weakest link. We have much to learn.”

“My eyes have always daydreamed in colours, lines, textures, patterns. My mind is structured in images and emotions, the logically organized side of my brain has to weave itself through those channels for the chaos to become clear.”

The article then lead me to her tumblr account, This Life, where I spent a lot more time looking into her mind… and then I found the photography work of Mike Brodie.


I could add every image of him that I find, but rather check it out yourself here. Mike is my age, and one day when he was 18 he borrowed a polaroid camera, hopped on a train and emerged himself in the “hobo” culture. Read more about him in this nice feature.

This reminds me of Curly, an Aussie girl with crazy curly hair that I met at Nowhere earlier this year. Curly missions around the world with her backpack, sleeping in abandoned places, hopping on trains and exploring the tunnels under the world’s major cities… Strange, but true and totally admirable.

Like Dave said when I showed him some of Mike’s pictures: “I recon that would be rad but soon you will miss a shower…” I like the idea, the freedom, the fuck you to society, the mystery and the ‘carefreeness’ of it, but I realise I am sadly still very attached to the basic luxuries of life…

And that is all I have to say for now. Happy 12/12/12… meh


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