churchhaven heaven

The objective: a weekend away from the rush of the city, from the humans, from the supermarkets and convenience (stores). A simple setting, a simple time spent with rustic food, good wine and lots of naps, sunshine and relaxing.

The results: a two hour drive (most of it spent lost within the West Coast National Park, trying to follow directions from someone who’s rights are lefts and intersections are forks in a tiny sandy road down the dunes.) a cottage (one of the area’s firsts) a view, a lagoon, good company, a few bottles of good wine (Swartland in there natuurlik, Eben Sadie’s Sequillo white is perfect for a chilled West Coast afternoon and Dean David’s Swartland Shiraz lekker for a chilled evening…) risottos (made in the cottage’s one and only pot with no butter – “it’s work with what you got”) fruit salad breakfast, walks on the beach (and in the lagoon once the high tide catches up with the beach) long naps in the sun, gas lamps for evening light, soothing tunes pouring from the shox speaker and sunrise breakfasts with bad cups of tea…


the view and the cottage…

DSC07372 DSC07374

Lazy Sunday…

DSC07375 DSC07376

Monday morning sunrise.

DSC07379 DSC07383

Perfect. Summer is here and I am happy. On that note, have a good week, I know I started off well…

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