this feed needs some pictures


Appelliefie at my birthday braai on Kalmoesfontein in April.

IMG_0739Last legs at Candy’s 30th in April.

IMG_0749Stormy drive home from Candy’s 30th.

IMG-20120407-01060Double rainbow, Easter on Kalmoesfontein.


Lena, my parents’ adopted dog, with Aggy my cat.

My sister (who is a vet) put Aggy down yesterday. She was 17 years old and the only pet this middle child ever had. Growing up with a sister who aspires to be a vet there were always animals around, but Agnus was the only one I could ever call mine (well, her mother Mona was my first pet but she got run over by a car 2 days after Agnus was born.) As the strongest kitten in the litter she was taken to a friends’ cat who had also just had kittens. This skinny, orphaned Ginger was a fighter and a charmer, she survived cancer (twice!) and charmed all the dogs my sister and brother ever had (as you can see in the picture, Lena was her guardian right till the end!).

For the last year, every time I went home I greeted her like it might be the last time, but the last time I was at home, on last Sunday, I sat down at the kitchen table and she came to lie on my lap. We sat there for a long time – my dad walked in and asked me what I was doing and I said – ‘ek sit saam met Aggy’ (I’m sitting with Aggy). Looking back now I like to think that that was our goodbye…

RIP my favourite ginger. Bless your fighter feline heart. Baie liefde!

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