adamastor <3

I am an African. I need the sun, heat, dust, hay fever, coloureds, xhosas, afrikaners, locals, tourists, hipsters, lekker local sayings, robots, mountains, hills, oceans, south easter, wine, diversity, the vast spaces and buzzing city centers of this country to stay sane.

Table Mountain in all its glory every morning, afternoon, evening (four seasons in a day here) energises me and provides a sense of belonging and stability, even if I some days feel like a gypsy with no place to call home.

I am currently reading my friend’s copy of ‘Cape Town Calling’ – A compilation of short stories about this amazing city, edited by Justin Fox.

I love this story, mentioned in Justin’s introduction, of early travelers around the Cape and how they were touched by Table Mountain. Imagine cruising for months towards what you believe might be “the edge of the world” and reaching what looks to finally be the end of the continent only to find a perfectly flat mountain blowing stormy winds down its slopes…

Cape Town, Table Mountian, Africa, a right of passage. I like that.

Like Johnny Clegg and Savuka says “Africa, What Made You So Strong”…

2 thoughts on “adamastor <3

  1. thanks Lesley. It is a great book divided into sections for the various parts and suburbs of Cpt with great history and nostalgia. Would definitely recommend it…

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