a week later

So last weekend my friend Herman and I got up really early (for a Saturday anyway) and headed off to Spier Wine Estate for the Toffie Secret Market where we had to entertain the kids while the parents shopped and drank wine.

We had lots of fun planned but could not get the amazing cardboard maize I had visualised to work in practice. And I forgot all the play dough I had made in the fridge at home. BUT> much fun was still had>

Decorating cookies with icing sugar, sweeties and 100s&1000s:

trying to get money out of a bucket of water with only knitting needles to help:

making potatoes into stamps (Herm blew my mind, I was thinking stars and hearts and he brought the A game with castles, butterflies, dogs and various patterns):

H also drew pictures for the kids to colour in.

It got interesting when he started taking requests:

This week I am working my first Saturday at Cape Electric Tattoo Parlour. It is scary how excited I am about having routine in my life again. I have loved the last two and a half years of freelancing but crave some routine and stability. The tattoo shop is perfect, I get to hang out with super cool guys all day (they make me laugh); I still have time to work on my clients’ online stuff while managing the shop; I get to think up some weird and wonderful ways to market tattoos and it is the furthest thing from a corporate job, possibly EVER.

And next week this time we will be halfway through the 3rd Swartland Revolution. SO excited for this – the best wine event of the year. I do the marketing and social media for the event and am really honoured to work with some of SA’s best winemakers. This year’s event is set to be the best yet. can.not.wait.

Tickets to the full weekend programme sold out in 5ohours in May already, but if you can, get to the Swartland Independent Street Party on Saturday (10 November) afternoon from 2-6pm in the road in front of the Royal Hotel, Riebeek Kasteel. All the Swartland Independent members will be there, including our EIGHT Platter 5* wines and the Mullineux’ Red Wine of the Year!

yup, still keeping it diverse.

lekker naweek!

ps. check out Herm’s blog for more pictures.


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