hows my tattoo?


secondly, I got a new tattoo in Berlin last week. I thought it would be a nice idea to try and explain here what it is and what it means to me, you know, people love to ask why you got something and what it means… Now I can post this on Facebook and hopefully most of my friends will look here first!

1. I wanted to get a tattoo while in Berlin

2. I watched a documentary on the city and when I saw this  image it really spoke to me:

It says, “Berlin, stop and think, your dance partner is death.” a line taken from a Paul Zech poem. It is commentary on post WWI Berlin, where half the city#s population were starving while the other half entertained themselves with music and dancing, choosing to ignore what was happening right under their well powdered noses.

3. When I sent the image via whats app to a friend back home I got the comment “but you are not German.” Um yes, but as much as the elite, the rich and famous, the comfortable ones chose to ignore the starving fate of their fellow Berliners in the 1920s, I see the same thing happening today. Those with “first world problems” have no idea, compassion or interest in the fate of the rest of the planet, suffering under their consumerist notions, their need for things better, faster, newer…

Now ask yourself, how can you flex your muscles to help someone less fortunate…


3 thoughts on “hows my tattoo?

  1. That’s great.
    In the original image though, the woman is out of axes, she can’t stop, short of falling. The skeleton is leading her into the dance.
    On your tattoo she keeps her equilibrium, she is leading the dance. A sign of the times? ;p

    • Interesting – I had to look at the photo to see that (not so easy to look under one’s own armpit!) but yes, let’s go with that:) It is time for the woman / us to take back the power and show death / the hardship that we can overcome it!! nice one, thanks Simone!

      • My interpretation was quite more grim… in post WWI Berlin the “Dancing people” were really spinning out of control, and to the fate we know. Now the “Elite, the rich and the famous” are instead in full control. Even death is tamed. They dance but the know (think?) they will be able to stop when they want. Anyway, great tatoo :)

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