operation declutter. phase 1

And then it was 2012. Wow we are already 10 days into this year. unbelievable!

As you might know, 2012 is a year of big changes and bold moves for me.
I am moving out of Cape Town and back to Malmesbury (after 8 years in the city) for a few months. In Malmes (the small town where I grew up, about an hour outside Cape Town) I will stay with my awesome Gran for a few months (she has two adjoined flats, so I will join her).
This way I will not only learn amazing skills from an amazing woman with a wealth of life lessons to teach me, but I will also be able to save so I can go travel.

The plan is to spend Summer in Europe. But more on that later, for now I am busy streamlining my life, in other words, getting rid of all the things that weigh me down and that I do not really need!

Phase one, books. I have already given my best friend 2011 in TIME magazines, so onto the books.
I can take the whole lot to Tommy’s Book Exchange on Long Street but for now, maybe there is something you would like to read?

From the top: 1. silly easy to read fiction
2. a classic!
3. fun for any party from young to old to naughty and nice
4. find your purpose via religion (nice day to day activities)
5. a truly South African story. Alison’s account on surviving a brutal rape/attack.
6. classic Katzenbach – a great suspense story
7. a non-fictional yet funny look into the illegal weapons trade
8. perfect for a mission into the winelands of SA (2010 version, still relevant)
9. a funny auto-biographical look at the life and times of a female american comedian 
10. great South African writing, set in Mellville Jhb. 
 From the top: 1. silly easy to read and enjoy fiction (a bunch of friends live through scenes in movies)
2. Now a block buster film, set at a remote boarding school for girls somewhere in SA.
3. silly easy to read fiction for when you do not want to think too much.
4. haha. not a self help book. 
5. the auto-biographic look at the life of SAcan children’s author Helen Brain. includes fictional pieces – great book.
6. similar to nr 3
7. More great SAcan non-fiction. an account on the life and times of one of the policemen caught up in the Apartheid drama and deaths. sex, drugs, violence and Apartheid 
8. a collection of poetry
9. fun interesting read 
10. over 20 years old and still the best reference for star signs and the people under them.

from the top: 1. non-fiction, a look into popular culture and it’s effects on societies / individuals.
2. a funny account of an advertising agency during the new recession. 
3. non fiction. I think the title says it all. very informative.
4. a collection of Apartheid poems.
5. great fiction by the author of Jarhead. Set in Tokyo and on a US military base in Japan. 
6. no comment 
7. a classic!
let me know if you are interested (or if I borrowed any of this from you…). 
All books going for R20! (bargain!) or 3 for R50 (that is half the price of  of a bargain!)
mail me, call me or tweet me… 
e. quietriotgirl@gmail.com 
t. @quietriotgirl
and watch this space for the rest of my belongings going on sale.
now back to the “give back/away” / “keep” / “sell” game with me!

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