have a stylin’ summer

It’s mid December and high summer is around the corner for Africa. I am blessed to live in a coastal city (well not just A coastal city, one of the world’s prettiest coastal cities…) and as Cape Town gears up for the inevitable influx of tourists and accents, traffic and no parking, I am getting some new inspiration for my summer wardrobe…

For the mood:

(watermelon is the ultimate taste of summer. I remember as a child waiting patiently for the day Grandpa would slice it, we would all gather on the grass and eat it in our costumes, spitting out the seeds – otherwise watermelons will grow out your ears – and washing the stickiness off in the ocean afterwards… bliss)

Jorts (= jean shorts in SA) part I:

Nothing like a pair of super short (usually cut offs) denim shorts:

Jorts part II:

Maxi skirts, even though I own ONE and usually feel I am too tall to wear it, I love the look:

Go with the flow: (wish Cape Town was a flatter city. stylish bike rides like this one is hard to do in the wind, up the hill and you can’t dress like this when mountain biking…)

be bright:

Get fit (and tanned):

Have a super summer South Africa! I am off to go cut some of those winter denims into Jorts… and then, the beach, to work on that tan!

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