breaking out of your life

I am having a serious spring clean (like I told my buddy Pete who insisted spring was 3 months ago, it’s an expression) of my life. Found this little gem – I wrote it about two years ago, yet it is still apt in my life right now.

i want to break out
i don’t want to work on your basic programming any more
i don’t want to play on beginner level any more
i want to find my own way

your rules            your barriers             your norms
and your levels of acceptability
do not apply to me anymore

you can’t touch me
i have my eye on you
i see what you are doing
and i choose not to play your game.

back then I think it was about leaving my job, getting out of the corporate rat race. today it means i want to get out of the city, away from the main stream.

Last night I wrote: (in relation to my plan to travel Europe in 2012 via couch surfing and 3 degrees of separation)

i am going on this trip to experience more of life and the diversity of it.
So i will appreciate humans again. i need to see the good in people again, i need mankind to pass this test.
i feel sad at the state of the world, the state of human civilization, of what we have become.
want to get out of the city, away from the computer.
To experience places where life is still lived. still real.
Almost off the radar, off the main stream. into the side streams.

confused like I am? read more of my thoughts and reasoning here: “the ultimate social networking experiment”. maybe it makes more sense, probably not, i am consistently random…

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