friendly farm family wedding

I am delighted to share the pictures from my sister’s wedding with you. After a long year of planning and doing waaaaay more than I anticipated – to a point where I had the best part of the extended family helping out and giving input – it was really rewarding to see her look so lovely and happy! 

We were debating the wind all week, kept and eye on the weather channels (all the way to Norway), build wind shelters, came to ‘check up and test’ the decor after dark to asses the windproofyness of it and put in special prayer requests for the wind to stay away magically from 4pm on Saturday 26 November, cause this family was planning a wedding!

Everyone on Kalmoesfontein pitched in to help. In fact my dad and a few workers on the farm had built the entire roof over the back porch. He even put up a little plaque to dedicate it to the wedding.

But from Thursday morning till Sunday lunchtime the entire Kalmoesfontein family pitched in.

From 5 year old Samuel collecting eggs (for the bride’s big day breakfast) from under his chickens while entertaining maatjies; 
Siphewe doing diy with my mom and wire-work with Trust;  while still displaying fancy footwork for entertainment. 
Trust patiently listening to everyone’s opinion before moving something, climbing onto something or carrying something – in Trust we trust; 
Fortuin – bless him – without who this wedding would have not happened, the hardest worker I’ve ever met. You don’t hear 5mins go pass without someone saying ‘ask Fortuin’ – don’t tell Adi, but I think he runs the show on Kalmoesfontein! Adi told a story one night that I found truly beautiful. Adi asked Fortuin, in light of the fact that he was doing an anthropology experiment, what he thought would happen if Adi took a 1000l cask of wine and put it in between the houses of the farm workers down in the valley, where Fortuin also stays. Fortuin looked him in the eyes and said: “Meneer, eerstens sal die Here you seen vir jou oop hand.” Sir, firstly, the Lord would bless you for your open hand.And then proceeds to tell how he recons they would finish it, “want ons is nie ontdankbaar nie”. we’re not ungrateful.
Ouma came to supervise the hanging of her flags.

My dad hung flags, fairy lights, bigger lights, pots with candles, build a wind shelter so the flags would make it to the wedding day, and so much more!

My aunt Annette, Ouma and mom cutting hessian for the seating, among lots of other tasks. Annette also took it upon her to keep the bride happy with the Mr&Mrs table.  

For almost a year everyone collected every glass container they could find for this wedding. 

Breakfast for a bride, with eggs collected by Samuel. 

On Saturday morning more cousins and family arrived to help set up. We laid tables, did flowers, hung drapes, put out glasses… and then had to redo it all once the wind picked up at about 3pm.

But, come rain, shine or gale force winds, we had a wedding to attend:

We are lucky that Maree Louw lives on the hill facing Kalmoesfontein and added her amazing eye to our event. Here are a few she has released on her blog. I try to show just a few of the setting, decor etc. 

 “get me to the ‘church’ on time”
 wreaths for the procession of pretty blond girls. 
 proud pappa
 me, my dad and ousus with the blond kids who preceded us down the isle. 

 the happy couple!

 the wind shield – the wind was howling all week so we closed off the windy side of the stoep with this makeshift wall, farm style!
 My gran (bless her) made meters and meters of flags from old telephone books, to fit with the eco friendly farm wedding theme! love you ouma!!!
 table settings (that had to be done 3 times in a fight with the wind) were kept simple.
 My take on table seating. Did not realise it was so ‘skeef’. 
 Wind winning… everyone got a unique quote on love. the original plan (to make them stand up in wine corks had to be scrapped cause they all blew away)

 My dad put wires on hundreds of glass pots so we could hang them everywhere!

 The Mr&Mrs table

 dans dans dans… (the Sheridans just don’t dance, so this was a huge deal!)

 The after dark effect.

Ousus en splinternuwe Ouboet – baie geluk, mag jul nog baie lang jare van liefde saam he! 

Photography: Maree Louw (Natural light Photography – click for more images
Make Up & Hair: Marti Bester ( / 0724594154)
Dress: Zani Lombard (0799269833)
Bouquet & wreaths: Cousin Marica Louw ( / 0832655216)
Set up & decor: sister Helena Sheridan & cousin Cornelia Badenhorst (De Liefde)

Venue: Kalmoesfontein


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