The ultimate social network experiment

In this day and age being a global citizen of the world should be completely possible.
Maybe not completely easy (as a South African) but definitely possible and feasible.

All I need to do my ‘day job’ is my blackberry (check) laptop (check) and an internet connection.
With that it should not matter whether I blog from Cape Town, Malmesbury or Kazakhstan.

I wish not for profit or riches – why race in a race to get ahead. Ahead of who? Where are we looking to end and what will getting there rich achieve you?

My wish? To travel. Explore. Experience. Accept and be accepted. To write.
I want to write my life and live my story.

I like telling stories and relating experiences. I need experiences, adventures, stimulation. I need stories worth writing.
My stories were always going to be factual accounts. I am too literal and practical to ‘waste my time’ trying to dream up fiction. Although I do apparently fit the profile for “people who are likely to believe in conspiracy theories” (according to a documentary we watched…) and I am known to believe in some less mainstream ideas and evidence… But I believe that is because my mind is open and my outlook not narrow.

Either way, I don’t think we will be around for long – the existence of this ‘computer age’ will be but a speck on the freckled body of the universe in time. Like the ice, stone and iron ages before us, the computer age will come and go… But I think its greatest triumph is in how it connects us all. How I now have ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ from all over the planet. How we are informed of natural disasters, civil wars, coups, weddings and other magical occurrences within seconds of them happening around the globe.

Having said that, legislation, borders and international relations have made it very difficult for us to just wander, explore, experience.
Currencies and exchange rates make it even more complicated.
My pretty silver springbok one rand coin can only jump so far. 
And my green passport does not pass easily. 
And with all the freedom that comes with the internet, I feel trapped behind my computer.

But I have a dream.
I dream of a world where I do not need lots of money to achieve what I envision.
I believe it should be possible to travel the world without having to depend on currencies too much.
People are more powerful than profit, power, money. By good will and open hands and hearts we can break free from the shackles of financial oppression and the expectations of society.

And then I thought about life.
About reason and purpose. About a little drop in an ocean and about how man, mankind, you and me… we are mere drops in the ocean of life.
But yet, you have life. You are here.
And if you are the drop that single drop suddenly becomes very important.
The best I can do is the best I can do…
My role here, in this ocean, in the bigger picture, is just to live, give and contribute as positively as possible. 
All I can do with my short time on earth is to follow my head and listen to my heart.
Those being man’s greatest tools..

I guess I reached a moment where I realised that I can be more than the cog in the machine they (society, parents, partners, governments, the illuminati, popular culture, mtv, magazines, the media in general) want me to be…

“Who are you to tell me how to live my life?” – Bliss n Esso. Australian Hip Hop Group.
I mean seriously – If you had told my 14 year old self, crying through the night over “the fatal CWC semi-final fokop of 1999” that her 26 year old version would be walking around listening to Australian Hip Hop on a cellphone that gets “facebook” updates and Emails delivered as they happen, she would have thought you were going insane.

But that is the nature of the world. That is the spectrum of possibilities and options out there.
But I think she would have liked to hear that her 26 year old self was an assertive, open minded individual who strived to see and experience more of the world. Who lives and loves in Cape Town (one of the world’s top travel destinations) but yearns to look beyond.

(extracted from my first draft of thoughts on travelling via couch surfing and 3 degrees of separation)

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