farm fresh sunday lunch

we were completely overwhelmed by the vast interest for our first open day on Kalmoesfontein for AA Badenhorst Family Wines. When I sent the first correspondence out to our database, my twitter following and our fan page on Facebook, the idea was to have a small first attempt with no more than 80 people, all of us included. In the end we entertained over 130 adults on the lawns and porches of Kalmoesfontein yesterday, with at least 60 kids running around the farm.

Cousin Hendrik and I planned to leave town at 11 on Saturday (thinking that is late and will give us enough time to sleep in, do some washing etc etc). What.ever. Eventually we left town at 11.30ish, and my dishes were still dirty and my jackets still not at the dry cleaners. After a quick stop at my parents, a cup of tea with Ouma and a slight detour/delay due to roadworks (that they started talking about when I was still in PRIMARY school!) we arrived on the farm to find the extended family cooking away in the kitchen.

Hendrik and I were given the role of shop merchandisers and sign makers / writers… 

 animal farm, the aftermath of spray-paint.


 Toby the dog having dinner at the kids’ table, Saturday night. 

Ana loves this little birdie, who is in the house to recover (she drags the cage with her where ever she goes and constantly attempts to open the little door and grab him.) I am afraid he might die of stress…

This dodgy looking container contains the unfiltered Fernoa Pires straw wine 2009 that we used to make the jelly for desert. Adi told Fortuin to label it Sweet wine, but the guy’s English isn’t great, so therefore the big container of Sweat… 

 Toby on a walk with Santie le Roux (photo credit) 

Archie the horse (photo credit Santie le Roux) 

Table setting  (photo credit Santie le Roux)

On the lawn

Spring tasting room

Guests take their seats

Fortuin burning the Cabernet Sauvignon vines (like Adi says: “we have no use for cabernet here other than for braaing on”. Fortuin’s snazzy shirt is from the “Adi Badenhorst summer 2006 range”… 

 Wilke and Callie braaiing the turkey sized chickens, slaughtered the day before…

improvised wine bucket.

Great view, great wine! 

The menu:
What  you will eat today on kamloesfontein
Wine + water and bread + butter
A salad, delicious, of beetroot, radishes and baby spinach and red onions  with goats cheese and finished with a balsamic, mustard and honey dressing (The crunchy green things  are pumpkin seeds)
Green garden salad with a salsa verde dressing (fancy name for a green herb dressing) with capers and anchovies
There are two kinds of quiches (free range duck eggs used here) of caramilized onions one with gruyere cheese and the other with  smoked bacon
If that’s not enough then there will also be farm raised marinated chicken braaied to perfection on old cabernet sauvignon vines ( we have no use for cabernet here other than for braaing on). The chicken will be served with roasted root vegetables of carrots, parsnips, onions and above ground butternut.
And there is even dessert. We have made a jelly from Fernoa Pires straw wine 2009, a homemade custard and stewed rhubarb and apple.
Coffee and tea.

All in all a very successful first attempt. Obviously a lot to be learned and taken from it, but we will definitely be back with more stylish, stunning events soon! 

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