give a little love…

I am once again trying to help my friend over at Alta du Toit Center sell craft paper for christmas wrapping!

Like I wrote last year, my friend Elsa does the marketing for Alta du Toit center in Bellville. Alta du Toit After Care is a centre for adults with intellectual disability. This NPO was founded in 1978.

They also provide a day care service to outside clients from the surrounding community.

During the day all residential and day care clients engage in development programs. There is a large work area where they do contract work to ensure sustainable income. Lower functioning individuals take part in therapeutic programs.

Painting and colouring are some of the activities that stimulate the development of people with intellectual disability and now they are selling some of the residents’ work for the festive season. A selection of their paintings and pictures were used to make beautiful gift wrapping paper to help raise funds for the centre and is selling for only R10 a roll (70cm x 1m) and comes in various designs.

This year they also collaborated with Anke of Live.Love.Design to come up with some new designs for the paper. 

There are 6 designs:

1. ‘Engele’ (angels)

2. ‘Liefde’ (Love)
3. ‘Kersfees’ (Christmas)
4. ‘Uiltjie’ (Owls)

5. ‘Pikkewyn’ (Penguins)

6. ‘Borrel’ (bubbles) 

For more info or to place an order, contact:

Elsa Theron
Altasorg: Bemarking
Tel: 021 913 2106
NPO: 011-891
VAT: 4100 11 6393

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